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Planet India


Similar information I found  on the blog Leipzig-India. Since I found this quite useful when planing my own trip, I decided to do the same.

Countrytraveling time (cycling)traveling distancecamping/hostel/couch surfingfood and accommodationequipment
Germany5500km4/1/0164€ (33€)11€
(chain, bar-ends)
Poland25 (17)1300km13/12/0546€ (22€)175€
(outdoor trousers, sweater, socks, akku, knife, small stuff)
Slovakia5250km2/3/0217€ (43€)
Thermal bath + 3-star hotel outlier ;-)
Hungary6 (4)350km3/3/0177€ (25€)27€
(break pads, chain)
Serbia3 (2)200km0/3/090€ (30€)-
Bosnia5 (4)500km0/5/0251€ (42€)-
Croatia10 (9)750km4/6/0330€ (33€)60€
(bike axes set, sunglasses)
Montenegro2150km1/1/075€ (38€)-
Albania7 (4)300km0/7/0179€ (26€)
je me suis regalé!)
(shoes, jeans)
Kosovo2200km0/2/051€ (26€)-
Macedonıa5230km0/5/0107€ (26€)38€
(wool jumper, gloves, belt, comb)
Bulgarıa6 (5)300km0/2/4130€ (20€)-
Greece3 (2)200km1/0/294€ (31€)-
Turkey+North Cyprus110 (41)3300km6/57/472443€ (22€)598€
bleeding kit, tools, handlebar, rim, inlet, leather vest, gloves, mirror, glue, iranian visa
South Cyprus1100km0/1/042€-
Georgia24 (12)800km7/5/11257€ (11€)59€
cycling trousers, mirror, patches, pump, torch
Armenia10 (9)750km6/4/0116€ (12€)-
Iran23 (9)1000km7/4/11369€ (16€)77€ Visas/Extension, cap, headset
UAE14 (1)50km1/2/11515€ (37€)361 € Indian Visa, shirt, shorts, sandales, SPD-screws
Iran23 (9)1000km7/4/11369€ (16€)77€ Visas/Extension, cap, headset
India47 (15)1300km0/19/281036€ (22€)323 Flight  Delhi-Zurich
In the daily expenses, there are also a lot of souvenirs, for family and myself. 

Total314 (154)12'400km55/142/1177189€ (22€)1801

Warmshowers nights are also counted as couch surfing